Do you know how to store your scarves?

Scarves are the warmth items we often use in autumn and winter! Many people choose cashmere scarves or wool scarves in winter,which is not only good-looking but also warm.BUT how do you store your cashmere scarves or wool scarves?

1,When wearing cashmere scarf or wool scarf,be careful to keep it clean.Always tap gently,remove the dust,also you can use a soft brush to gently brush a brush along the direction of the hair,can remove the dust,prevent the aphid from lurking,destroying,and can make the plush smooth. In addition,the cashmere scarf or wool scarf should be washed in time with stains.

2,The cashmere scarf or wool scarf that passes through must be washed,ironed,and dried before being stored for the season.This can reduce the conditions and range of mold aphid activity,and can also be sterilized by insecticide.

3, The cashmere scarf or wool scarf storage,foldable,sealed with a scarf set or scarf hood,then flat in the closet,also can be stored in a specific scarf box together with the scarf accessories-scarf brooch/scarf buckle/scarf clip/scarf clasp.If you plan to store it for a short time,you can use a scarf holder/scarf frame.

4, Stored cashmere scarf or wool scarf should pay attention to shading,in order to prevent color loss,should be often ventilated,keep cool,tapping dust,to damp,and not exposed to the sun.If you want to dry it,wait until it is cool before putting it in the closet.At the same time,put a mildew-proof and anti-mite tablet around the closet to prevent the cashmere scarf or wool scarf from getting wet and mildewed.

Reminder: Pay attention to the anti-mite when storing,and prevent the anti-caries tablet from directly contacting the cashmere scarf or wool scarf.If you have a better scarf storage ideas,please let us know and we Dr.Muxue will surprise you.