How to choose a scarf that suits you?

The weather is very cold in winter, and the scarf can be warm and can be used as an accessory to show off your elegance. When you walk into the mall, you will find that there are many brands of scarves, and the quality is also uneven. This is difficult for many consumers, so I will introduce you how to choose a suitable scarf. What kind of scarf is the most warm in winter.

Whether the scarf is warm or not warm, fashionable or not fashionable depends on your usual style. Our common scarves are wool, cashmere, angora, silk, cotton, synthetic materials or a variety of materials, but winter cashmere scarves or wool scarves are a good choice.
If you have high quality requirements, I think you should choose a cashmere scarf, of course, the silk scarf or silk head scarf is also very good, but it may be more suitable for a specific occasion, because wearing a silk scarf in winter is not very warm.Of course, we usually see silk scarves for women, silk head scarves for women or silk shawls and wraps for women, men’s silk scarves are rarely rare.

2,Length And Width
The normal length of the scarf is about 130 cm (51 inches) to 230 cm ( 90 inches). The length of the scarf should be proportional to the height, but sometimes it is also personal. If you like a regular length scarf, just around your neck, the sides of the scarf just fall to the chest, this length is about 180 cm (71 inches).

The width of the scarf is relatively wide, narrow scarf, wide scarf, and autumn and winter models are divided into single-layer scarves, double-layer scarves, blanket scarves, etc. But many brands of scarves, such as Louis Vuitton (LV) scarf, Hermes scarf, Gucci scarf, Chanel scarf and Burberry scarf is about 70 cm (28 inches) wide.
In addition, the length of the scarf will change the size of a person’s body. If you put a long scarf on your neck, it will make you look slim and slender, and a thick scarf around your neck can divert your attention and bury your head in the scarf. It seems to be a special face, so use this information wisely.

The color of the scarf should be in harmony with your dress and occasions.Most importantly, the scarf you wear needs to be in harmony with your skin tone because it is so close to your face.
But what color is the most suitable color? Of course, the one that suits you best is what you like. But in general, people think that you are good or not, depending on whether the color of your scarf is in line with your skin color. The different colors of the scarf can make your whole person look healthy or pale, and wearing a scarf of the right color will make you stand out.

Stylish and warm for the winter, scarves are very important!
But how do you find out what color scarf you are suitable for? In general, the color is warm and cold, and of course there is a neutral color. The way to choose the color that suits you is the gold/silver match method. Try gold and silver jewelry separately before buying a scarf to see which one is better for you.
If your skin color and gold are more suitable, then you are more suitable for warm color such as camel, apricot, orange, yellow, red and so on. If it matches with silver jewelry, then you are a cool complexion, you can choose some cool-colored scarves, such as gray, black, dark brown, light brown or green scarves and so on.

Although most of the scarves are rectangular, there also have square scarf, triangle scarf, hooded scarf, looped scarf, over sized scarf, wrap scarf, head wrap scarf, face scarf and neck scarf, as well as so-called headscarf-arab scarf, which are the way in which Middle Easterners like to combine scarf and headscarf. In recent year, they have become popular in the fashion world. There is also this kind of infinite scarf, it is better to match as long as you wrap around the neck, you don’t have to worry about falling down, but you can also create a messy feeling.

If you want to be warmer, you can choose a fur scarf or faux fur scarf,over sized scarf wrap, the wrap scarf, shawl scarf, shawl wrap and a large blanket scarf. . . and many more. If you are looking for a scarf that suits you, Dr. Muxue can help you, we offer scarves for women, shawls for women, scarves for men, and scarves for kids. There are all kinds of scarves and shawls, different colors of scarves, different styles of scarves. I believe there must be a scarf for you.