How To Prevent And Remove Cashmere Scarves Pilling?

In the cold winter, wearing a cashmere scarf is not only warm, but also feels very comfortable, so cashmere scarves are popular with many people.

When we wear a cashmere scarf or a sweater, it is inevitable that there will be pilling. It must be incredibly frustrating when your favorite new scarf no longer looks and feels new and beautiful.

So do you know why this happen? Here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you maintain the cashmere or wool products.

Why the cashmere scarf plays the pilling

Pills come to your scarf when short fibers in a material come loose, get tangled, and form tiny balls of yarn at the end of the fiber. The main cause of pilling is rubbing, which occurs most often during wear and in washing process.

1.Cashmere fiber itself has good toughness. When the surface of the fabric is subjected to severe friction, some loose fibers will gradually detach from the main thread of the yarn and become entangled.

2.For the higher quanlity cashmere raw materials, it is finer with denser surface scales. It is easy to be curled and soft for hands, but it is easier to entangle and pilled.

3.The cashmere yarn is spun tightly so the cashmere material is not easy to pilled. However, the cashmere yarn is suitable for releasing the cashmere slippery and soft nature. In order to ensure the hand feeling, the cashmere yarn can not be too tight.

4.Different knitting ways have different influence for the cashmere pillings. In addition, when wearing with different clothes (smooth, rough), there will be different degrees of pilling, collar part often rubb with scarves and easy to make pillings happen.

5.Humidity and heat are also significant factors in pilling. When moisture and heat are applied, pills tend to grow faster. It seems quite accurate from our experience that more pilling occurs under the armpits, an area where there are more moisture and heat.

There are other various reasons why pilling occurs, but the most important thing you need to know is how to maintain and store the cashmere scarves? So the real question is, can I remove the pilling of the cashmere?

The answer is YES ,YOU CAN!!!

How to prevent cashmere scarf pilling

1.When wearing a cashmere scarf, be careful to keep it clean.Cashmere scarf should be gently tapped to remove dust, cashmere sweater and cashmere jacket can be soft brushed with a soft brush in the direction of the hair, you can remove the dust, but also prevent the aphid from lurking and destroying.

2.The cashmere scarf should be washed in time without stains. Being careful when you wash the cashmere scarf, washing inside out will reduce the rubbing while washing always use cold water (never hot) and try using a delicate shampoo, maybe even a baby shampoo. Never twist or wire after washing, and you must never put it in the dryer. You will ruin it instantly. Try gently washing it only with your hands each time. However, do not wash it so frequently like your other clothes.

3.Another thing that you can do, however strange it may seem, is to give your cashmere scarf a “rest” in between wears. When not being worn, the fibers in the fabric are able to bounce back to their original shape, helping them to be more resilient and in addition to that the pilling will reduce.

4.When the cashmere scarf is stored, it can be folded, sealed with a plastic bag set, and placed flat in the closet. The cashmere coat can be put in a plastic bag and then placed in the closet.

5.Cashmere scarf should pay attention to shading when stored, in order to prevent fading, should be often ventilated, cool, and can not be exposed to the sun, wait for the cashmere scarf to cool, then put it in the closet. At the same time, put a mildew-proof and anti-mite tablet around the closet to prevent the cashmere scarf from getting wet and mildewed.

How to remove pilling from your cashmere scarf or sweater

If you find pilling on your cashmere scarf or cashmere sweater, do not try to pull it out, use scissors to carefully cut it.

However this has to be done carefully and adequately or otherwise, you will ruin the fabric. Of course, you can use lint remover and duck tape. Carefully go over your product with the lint remover, and then slowly collect the fuzz balls with the duck tape. It is fast and easy, and it will save you a lot of trouble.

I hope you will find our suggestions useful, and you will have once again the opportunity of wearing your favorite Dr.Muxue 100% cashmere scarf or wool scarf, and feel the joy and pleasure of wearing it once more like it is brand new again.

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