So many scarves, only love cashmere scarves.

In the cold winter, coats and boots… seem to be an indispensable item for every woman, but their “temperature” is always separated by a few layers. In fact, a cashmere scarf can satisfy your “skin-friendly” experience, touch the neck that needs the warmth most, only need wear a soft cashmere scarf. No matter how cold the winter can feel warmth, a high-quality 100% cashmere scarf Like the most beautiful “face” of an elegant woman.

Why do we say we must wear a cashmere scarf because it makes people look warm and comfortable

Cashmere, known as the “soft gold” of the clothing industry, it is slim, soft, warm, flexible, and it is fortunate that about 80% of the world’s cashmere is produced in Inner Mongolia, can let us make a higher quality cashmere scarf.

A good partner for cashmere scarves – sweaters
Cashmere and sweater are two unique items, but this combination is very harmonious, the delicate hair is matched with each other, and the soft touch will make people feel so warm in winter.

If you don’t want to worry too much, the same color cashmere scarf + sweater is very beautiful to wear.

Cashmere scarf + coat – fashionable warmth preferred
Coats are a must-have item for every woman’s fall/winter wardrobe. One of the easiest ways to master the fashion is the cashmere scarf + coat,which combines temperament and temperature, and you may be fashionable with whatever you want.

On this basis, cashmere scarves also have a harmonious effect on the coats that are difficult to control. Even the red cashmere scarves, it is very well matched with all kinds of coats. For a black coat, a light cashmere scarf is a good choice.

Cashmere scarf with the same color – very noble
Originally, the characteristics of cashmere are very expensive. If the whole body is worn with the same color, it will be more noble. The overall will be simplified by coloring, and there is no need to waste time thinking about how to match. The advantages of this rule are: high, thin, and also attractive and fashionable.

One thing to note here is that in addition to black and white ash, you must pay attention to saturation, otherwise it will look too cheesy.

Cashmere scarf + white shoes – younger
Soft cashmere adds affinity, and wearing white shoes brings a touch of lightness to the thick haze winter. Why do cashmere scarves + white shoes become younger? You will know if you try.

Cashmere scarves and white shoes belong to the versatile + versatile style. They are not restricted by any age. Together, you can enjoy the youthful spirit of your own leisure, while also having fun and warmth. In this combination, jeans must be the first choice.

These classic color scarves must be in your closet

Even if you wear different styles of coats every year, black cashmere scarves must be a versatile model. Black is not so popular this winter, so it is recommended to use some other colors, such as camel coats, a black scarf looks generous and elegant. Black is also very neutral, and matching with sneakers is a winter favorite for girls.

Black ash is very temperament, cashmere scarf will let the temperament upgrade again, “the minimalist texture” is often inseparable from the material.

Although not as good as black, but camel is also a wardrobe can not be lacking (this color itself is “expensive”, cashmere will be more noble), if you are not ready to buy a camel cashmere coat, it is best to start by investing in a camel cashmere scarf. The combination of camel and brown is 100% gentle femininity.

Sometimes the same color is more colorful, camel and jeans are all that everyone can try, plus a camel cashmere scarf can be icing on the cake. If want to make the black and cold “cold wind” more gentle, choose a camel scarf is right. Camel with its own advanced attributes, even if your other items are not brand-name, the overall look is very textured.

Gray makes you easy and advanced, and not dull. The dark colors in the winter can be “lighted up” by the gray scarf. This color has the highest appearance rate in the costumes of movie stars, and the gray color is also the most easy to produce “explosion” color.

Gray and camel are two classic “quality colors”, and they have a wonderfully fashionable feel when paired with denim.

In the dull autumn and winter season, a red cashmere scarf can definitely light up the shape, eye-catching and very temperament. Red with black is one of the classic colors of autumn and winter. The black coat and a red cashmere scarf can completely break the black monotony, and don’t feel red too eye-catching.
In autumn and winter, if your wardrobe is mainly dark-colored clothes, and occasionally want to highlight the shape, then come with a red cashmere scarf, it will not let you down.

If you are looking for a suitable scarf for yourself or your family, I believe that Dr. Muxue can help you, 100% cashmere scarf must be your best choice.