How to make a scarf ?

Making a scarf engage in more steps usually. Each step is necessary and you need pay attention to it carefully. But do you know how it was made?

Textile scarves are a lengthy process involving many programs. This section provides the simplest explanation to help you understand the general principles.

Woven scarves are generally divided into two categories: woolen scarves and worsted scarves. The easiest way to identify them is that the woolen scarf is made by mixing together fibers of different lengths. The final product is often fluffy, downy and fluffy. Worsted scarves are made from sorted and selected fibers that remove all of the shorter fibers, so the remaining long fibers aligned in the same direction are best suited for making the fibers thinner and lighter. The above classification is by no means 100% accurate, but it will be a good starting point. We will show you the production process with a woolen scarf as an example.

Woolen Scarf
Worsted Scarf

Both knitting and weaving require yarn to start production, so the first step is to prepare the yarn. The preparation of the yarn needs to be accurately calculated according to the number, weight and color of the scarf, otherwise it will cause a great waste.

Cashmere Yarn

When yarn is ready, the next step is Warping, the arranging of warp yarn(lengthwise threads are called warp yarn and transverse threads are called weft yarn). In this process, warp yarns are lined up and stretched with high tension, preparing for the next process, weaving.

Weaving is the motion of weft yarn crossing warp yarn in certain ways. Different crossing methods result in different fabric texture, known as Weave Structure such as plain, twill, satin, jacquard and many others.


Normally, a woven scarf comes with tassels, which are made right after weaving is finished. There are various kinds of tassels based on products but for a woolen scarf they are usually on the long sides.


After weaving is the most crucial part in the whole process – Finishing, which determines hand feel, size, and overall quality of finished products. This way the scarves are finished, are they very simple?

The answer is: NO

Finishing is actually many small processes, each with its own function. Every process has strict standards, and there can not be mistakes, otherwise a large number of unqualified products will be produced, resulting in waste.

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