Cappuccino Knitted Cashmere Wrap Scarf

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  • Full-Size Cashmere Scarf – 180 X 70 Cm / 71 X 27.5 Inches.
  • Spring, Autumn, Winter Season Wearable
  • 100% Cashmere From Inner Mongolia.
  • Made In Inner Mongolia, China.
  • Knit style,Extremely Lightweight And Soft.
  • Ultra Cozy And Warm, Enjoy A Warm Winter.
  • Free Shipping & No-Hassle Returns.

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The benefits of cashmere scarves or shawls :

1.Keep warm
Cashmere scarves can be 5-8 times warmer than regular scarves. The goats will grow a soft undercoat-cashmere during the winter months for insulation against freezing temperatures and icy winds.

2. Breathable
he cashmere is also impressively breathable so you will avoid any unwanted discomfort from a scratchy, stifling material.Unlike synthetic fibers, which make you feel stuffy and sweaty, cashmere allows your body to breath.

3. Lightweight
It’s the perfect weight to take you through the autumn and winter transition when weather can be temperamental and changeable.Get rid of the heavy scarves or shawls now,feel this featherlight baby-lightweight scarf.

4. Heavenly soft
Cashmere is silky soft and superfine as the density of the fibers is very tight, creating a smooth and soft texture. Fluffy and soft, don’t harden.Weaving allows the scarf as soft as the baby skin.

5. Odor free
Fabric won’t absorb any unwanted smells,No matter how long, the cashmere scarf or wrap will not absorb any odor

6.Lofty-on trend now, and always
The beauty of cashmere is that it is an investment that will last. In particular, a shawl, scarf or wrap will get a lot of mileage in its lifetime.Natural cashmere makes the expensive scarf looks luxury, signature and high quality.

7.Wrinkle free
Natural materials such as cashmere resist wrinkles if care properly.

8. Easy care
The best way to care for your cashmere scarf is to hand wash in tepid water then simply lay flat on a towel to dry. Keep it folded,or hang on a scarf rack, and it will keep it’s shape and flawless finish for a long time to come.

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