Gray Wool Plaid Blanket Scarf Wrap


  • Size Wool Scarf – 182 X 140 Cm / 72 X 55 Inches.
  • For autumn and winter
  • 100% Wool From Inner Mongolia.
  • Made In Inner Mongolia, China.
  • Featherlight Woven Style, Extremely Lightweight And Soft.
  • Free Shipping & No-Hassle Returns.

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The benefits of wool scarves or shawls :

1,Wool scarves or shawls can be 2-3 times warmer than regular scarves or shawls.

2,Wool scarf or shawl extremely durable and abrasion resistant allows the skin to breathe freely.

3,Wool scarves or shawls have antibacterial properties,resists soiling.

4,A surprising advantage in the use of pure wool scarf is its ability to reduce the possibility of allergies.

5,Wool scarf or shawl springs back quickly after stretching.

Other aspects of wool scarf is resistant to soiling, do not support combustion,does not need to be washed often and rigorously as synthetics.Therefore, this winter you should bring a scarf of wool for you and your family.


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